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This is my Tumblr; it used to be about Ottawa. I"m moving to Toronto, so it's now about stuff going on in Toronto including punk/hardcore shows, community events and hockey.


•July 1st- Move to Toronto!

•July 4th - No Joy @ Smiling Buddah

•July 19th - Subhumans UK, Mischief Brew & School Damage @ The Horseshoe Tavern

•July 20th - Cress, Appalachian Terror Unit, Absolut and Murder Squad @ Smiling Buddah

•July 26th - Punx Picnic @ 2pm Trinity Bellwoods Park

•July 26th - Punx Picnic After Show @ 9pm TBA

•August 1st - Cro-Mags, Enforcers, Long Knife, Hassler & Wild Side @ Sneaky Dees

•September 6th & 7th - Riot Fest @ Downsview Park (1-35 Carl Hall Road)


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22 July 14

Appalachian Terror Unit @ Smiling Buddha’s on July 20, 2014.

11 July 14
Breakfast is ruined! (at Bank Street Diner)

Breakfast is ruined! (at Bank Street Diner)

13 June 14
5 June 14
2 June 14

C(o)unt Down

So after just over 11 months in Windsor, I am now counting down to the move to Toronto.  I now get to finish packing, study and try and do all the “Windsor things” I never bothered doing.  So far I’ve got:

1.  Eat at Tunnel BBQ so my father stops asking if I ate there.

2.  Go back to Detroit one last time; maybe visit the D.I.A. and go to a Tigers’ game.

3.  Hang out with Windsor buddies.

4.  I can’t think of anything else.

18 April 14

So on May 1st, the countdown to leaving Windsor begins.  I’m going to talk about that more at a later date, once things are more official.  For now, I’m enjoying the long weekend and some play offs hockey.  

Alain treated me with blue Skittles and Loco Taco Dorito chips.  This may not seem like a big deal, but in 1994, Taco Bell came out with Taco Supreme Doritos and my life wasn’t the same.  I was heart broken when they stopped making them.  And yes, I tried the Pizza Hut Doritos, the Taco flavoured Doritos, the Loco Taco taco and anything else you can imagine.  But nothing tasted like these bad boys:

Until Loco Taco Doritos came out.  I waited 20 years and I finally got my chips back.  Awesome!

Anyways, the Habs are playing tonight, Good Friday.  30 years ago, the Habs played the Nordiques on Good Friday, leading to the infamous Good Friday Massacre.  EVERYBODY’S fighting everybody!  If you’ve never heard of this, then shame on you/read about it on Wikipedia here. 

17 February 14


May your cats/kids/loneliness keep you warm!  I’m watching Cops and dealing with tummy issues with tea.  

16 February 14


Haven’t been posting much/been super busy doing stuff like:

•Working, a lot

•Studying for bar exams

•Having stomach pain

•Touring the new Windsor Regional Jail

•Visiting the dentist

•Trying to set up TV Guide Dixie for XBMC

•Planning my trip to Chicago with Maxxx

•Supporting Alain’s decision to join the band Minors

And other stuff!  I’ve updated the listings, but because it’s cold and stuff, I’m not going out much.  

19 January 14

I think I’m finally better!

I’ve had stomach flu since last Friday, which SUCKED!  I haven’t done much since then.  There were shows and other stuff, but I missed it all.  My buddy Lauren, who’s in Toronto, is going to be induced into labour any second now.  It’s pretty exciting!  Also, it’s my birthday tomorrow, so maybe her baby and I will share a birthday. That would be pretty neat!  I have no plans for my birthday.  I was going to go out for dinner last night, but was way too sick.  

4 January 14

It’s supposed to snow really bad all weekend.  I want to go out and be social, but it’s hard to do stuff in Windsor with all this snow and without a car.  I’m also REALLY tired from going to the Winter Classic; we were outside, in minus 14 weather, not really moving, with no bathroom access for 6 hours.  It was really nice seeing my pals Jamie and Derek!

I’ve updated the show listings; there’s a bunch of shows happening at Yonka House in Detroit and even one at Holden House.  

I’m probably going to stay in and keep myself busy with projects.  I have some sewing and cooking to do.  I made Chicken Alfredo sauce for the first time.  That was fun!  My New Years resolution was to try new things and enjoy myself more.