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This is my Tumblr; it used to be about Ottawa but then I moved to Windsor. I don't like to reblog, and mostly write about punk/hardcore shows where I live, food, hockey and my community. The Tumblr always under construction.


•March 28th - The Line Drawn, Gag Order & TBA @ the Coach and Horses

•March 28th - Break Anchor, S.B.L.C.,Against the Grain, Nice Hooves and S.U.B. @ Yonka House (20483 Yonka St), DETROIT

•March 28th - TLC with Lil Mama @ Cesear's

•March 30th - Dum Dum Girls, Blouse @ the Loving Touch (Ferndale, MI)

•April 5th - Negative Approach with Scum and Bill Bondsmen @ Small's (10339 Conant, HAMTRACK)

•April 6th - The Big sLow Down Vol:III @ 6PM Phog Lounge (Tickets: $15 / 1/3 rack + any 3 sides)

•April 8th - The Julie Ruin & Screaming Females @ the Loving Touch (Ferndale, MI)

•April 12th - Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings @ the Majestic Theatre (4120 Woodward Ave., DETROIT)

•April 13th - The Coathangers, Audacity @ PJ's Lager House

•May 2 - Full of Hell, Column of Heaven (ex endless blockade), Nyodene D, From Hell, Sender Receiver & Victim of Circumstance @ Yonka House (20483 Yonka St), DETROIT

•May 9th - OFF!, Cerebral Ballzy @ Small's (Hamtrack, MI)

•May 10th - La Armada, Great Reversals, Retribution, Snafu, Old Soul @ Yonka House (20483 Yonka St), DETROIT

•May 14th - White Widows Pact (panic records), Hollow Earth, Cloud Rat, Plague @ Yonka House @ Yonka House (20483 Yonka St), DETROIT

•May 21st - Cult Leader (deathwish inc, ex gaza), Yautja, Dead Church, Traitor @ Yonka House (20483 Yonka St), DETROIT


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19 October 12

So Two Things…

1.  Happy CKCU Funding Drive!

CKCU is Carleton University’s Camps & Community radio station.  If you don’t understand why you should give them your money, I don’t even know where to begin.  Stations like CKCU give every day people the opportunity to play the music they want or talk about issues important to them.  It allows the community to give itself something back and is a direct reflection of itself.  It’s a great place to hear local and emerging artists and to challenge the boundaries set by commercial radio.  WHEN YOU’RE READY to accept that CKCU deserves your money, you can give it to them by  calling (613)520-3920 or by visiting their website.  

2.  The Great Sabatini, Collinder, Loviatar @ Cafe Dekcuf

If you’re looking for some heavy, sludgy, stoner rock, then this is the show for you.  The Great Sabatini always put on a great show.  Here’s the Facebook description:

A night of heavy shit.

The Great Sabatini (Montreal doom/prog/sludge metal)

Collider (Ottawa sludge metal)

Loviatar (Ottawa doom/sludge metal)

Friday, Oct. 19th @ Cafe Dekcuf. 9pm. $8 at the door


Unfortunately, Ominous Black is not able to play this show anymore. Doors have now been moved back to 9pm.

Facebook Link

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